Wouter Buckens


Feb 24-25, 2018

Submission for the first LibGDX discord game jam. Writting in Java using the LibGDX game development framework. Designed and developed in approximately 12 hours over 2 days.

  • Game design
  • Java
  • IntelliJ IDE
  • LibGDX

Wurm Merchant Listing

Published December 30, 2017

A server modification for the game Wurm Unlimited, that generates inventory pages for in-game characters. The generated pages use Vue.js to render a dynamic and interactive view of the inventory contents.

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • IntelliJ IDE
  • Hashids
  • Vue.js

1PR project

Mar-Apr 2017

I contributed some code to a short-lived open source experiment based on the premise of accepting one PR every day on an empty Github project, to see how it evolved.

  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Github contributions
  • Github

Story of a Fish

Oct 15-17, 2016

Submission for the 20th GM(48) game jam. Made in GMS. Designed and developed in approximately 14 hours over 2 days.

  • Game design
  • GML
  • Pixel art
  • Game Maker Studio
  • Pyxel Edit
  • Beepbox


Released Apr 7, 2016

A simple A/B testing plugin for jQuery that sends data directly to Google Analytics as custom dimensions.

  • Javascript / Coffeescript
  • Google Analytics
  • jQuery
  • analytics.js

TGC Widget Creator

Launched Mar 4, 2016

An online tool for game designers over at The Game Crafter to create embeddable widgets for their game that can be used on external websites. Got picked up by TGC and added to the section on their website about promoting a game.

  • Javascript / Coffeescript
  • jQuery

Sklotopolis Map

Launched Nov 15, 2015

An interactive map for the Wurm Unlimited server Sklotopolis that I used to be a member of. No backend, data comes from Coffeescript files and is rendered in the browser. Uses Coffeescript / Vanilla javascript (no jQuery). Combined with a Node.js server application to generate the 256x256 map tiles from a 4096x4096 mapdump. Currently maintained by someone else.

  • Javascript / Coffeescript
  • Google Custom Maps API
  • Node.js
  • GraphicsMagick


Published Aug 22, 2015

A simple Node.js module I developed that allows the use of multiple independent queues of functions that will be processed one at a time.

  • Javascript / Coffeescript
  • Publishing on npm
  • Node.js